What’s the best B2B eCommerce solution out there?

B2B eCommerce solution

The B2B eCommerce solution you will select will have a great impact on your business success. That’s why you should do this carefully by taking all the pros and cons related to the popular platforms into account. This can be a process that will last for a long time, but only if you are doing it yourself. Instead of wasting energy and time on online research, our recommendation is to check our list of the best B2B eCommerce solutions at the moment.


In case you are interested in an eCommerce solution that will help you build a modern store then you should opt for BigCommerce. This B2B eCommerce platform is offering website building without coding and/or programming. You don’t have to integrate many plugins either. The only downside that some users are pointing out is the low number of free themes. On the other hand, there are many attractive paid themes and their price is not very high. BigCommerce helps users create responsive and trendy B2B eCommerce stores.

Shopify Plus

L’Oreal, Adidas and Citizen are just some of the world-renowned brands that are using Shopify Plus. The B2B version of the popular eCommerce platform is perfect for beginners in the field of eCommerce. If you need a standard eCommerce solution then you can definitely rely on Shopify Plus. This is one of the simplest, yet most effective platforms out there. What’s great is that every user has a chance to pick one of the few packages which are paid monthly. Just make sure that you know your needs and budget and make a decision.


Demandware is a popular cloud-based eCommerce solution for B2C and B2B users. It’s used by big brands like Panasonic, FILA, Brooks Brothers and Lancome. Enterprise-level, large-sized retailers will benefit from this platform because it is offering a complete eCommerce solution that can be customized easily. Keep in mind that you will have to possess certain technical knowledge in order to use Demandware.


The list ends with Magento which is probably the most used B2B eCommerce solution on the market. From negotiations and quoting to personalized buying experiences and perfect B2B functionality, Magento is a platform that will probably meet all your needs and desires. This is a powerful B2B eCommerce solution for those who are planning on selling many products. Small business owners should probably avoid it.

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