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The number of distributors and manufacturers on the Internet is growing every year. In other words, B2B eCommerce is on the rise. This is quite logical because after the success of B2C eCommerce it was expected that B2B will be next. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now easier than ever to create an eCommerce website. Of course, in order to do this, you will need help from a well-established B2B platform. This blog post includes reviews of the top B2B platforms available today.


Although Magento is often advertised as a B2C platform, it’s actually quite popular B2B eCommerce platform. A few years ago they have introduced a specially designed B2B enterprise version. One of the best things about Magento is the fact that it can manage the activities of companies involved in both B2B and B2C activities. Implementing Magento in your business is a cost-affordable solution. In addition, Magento is a good option for small, mid-sized and large companies.


Cimm2 is not your typical B2B platform. It started as Unilog and became Cimm2 after a while. Thanks to Cimm2, you can easily sell things as a business to other businesses over the Internet. We must point out that this is a relatively new platform which means that they are still adding new features. This is the reason why you should analyze their offer before making any commitments. Mid-size businesses are the ideal users of this platform.

SAP Hybris

Here’s another good example of a top B2B platform. They are offering a complete package of eCommerce, ERP and PIM solutions to the businesses involved in this sector. But, all the good things that can be found in this platform come at a price. SAP Hybris is one of the most expensive B2B solutions you will find on the market. So, it’s quite logical that most of their users are very large businesses.


A few years ago, Oracle bought the ATG company. At that time, ATG was a leading enterprise eCommerce software solution. Thanks to this acquisition, Oracle is now offering access to a modern, flexible eCommerce platform which is usually used by large businesses. This is a premium solution used by the largest enterprises in the market.


The list ends with Zoey, a new B2B platform that looks similar to Magento. The main difference between these platforms is that Zoey is focused on small businesses.

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